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Electric Department

Electric Department Phone Number: (201) 391-2113

Director of Operations
Paul Longo

Phone: (201) 391-2129 

Electric Department

Office Staff

Nancy Russell
Joseph Barnes
Jessica Mazzarella
Tom Mazzarella
Rosanna Monteleone

Field Staff

Shane Geanoules
Supervising Line Worker

Silvestre Jose
Senior Line Worker

Paul Neumann
Line Worker

Jason Dulhagen
Line Worker

Anthony Confreda
Meter Reader

Contact Information

Electric Department Phone Number
(201) 391-2113

Director of Operations
Paul Longo
Phone: (201) 391-2129 

Supervisor of Electric Distribution
Jim Leichtnam
Phone: (201) 822-3138

Project Engineer
Angelo Dell'Armo
Phone: (201) 822-3139

Director of Finance
Consuelo Carpenter

Electric Department Rates Tariffs

Electric Service Residential

Electric Service Residential


Available to customers located on the Borough’s distribution lines and desiring service for household and other related using in single private dwelling, or an individual dwelling unit in a multiple dwelling structure, and its appurtenant detached buildings.


Alternating current, nominal frequency 60 hertz (cycles per second). Single phase: 120 volts, 2 wire; 120/208 volts, 3 wire; 120/240 volts, 3 wire; and three (3) phase: 120/240 volts, 4 wire pr 120/208 volts, 4 wire.


Charges are computed and billed bi-monthly for service taken.


Customer Charge............................... $6.00

Energy Charge: All KWH……..…$0.14115/KWH

The Adjustment Clause shall be applied to all KWH supplied under this rate.


The minimum monthly charge shall be an amount equal to the customer charge but not less than six ($6.00) dollars.


Bills are due and payable when rendered. If unpaid at the end of twenty-five (25) days, the Board of Public Works reserves the right to terminate service following suitable written notice.


Owners of record of property within the Borough of Park Ridge shall not be required to pay a deposit. All others shall be required to pay a deposit based upon estimated bills which would accrue for two and one-half month’s service. The board of Public Works shall have the right to increase the amount of a deposit if in its judgment such action is necessary.

EFFECTIVE: December 1, 2007

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