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The Value of Park Ridge Water

In a world of sky-rocketing prices on everything from food to homes to fuel, your Park Ridge tap water remains one of the best bargains around. At a fraction of a penny per gallon, tap water provides safety, convenience, and freedom.  The following are some informative facts showing the value of your water:

  •  Less than 1% of the average person's total personal income is spent on water and wastewater services.
  • An 8-oz. glass of water can be refilled approximately 15,000 times for the same price as a six-pack of soda.
  • Your water bill pays for a lot more than simply water. You get sophisticated water treatment, frequent testing and monitoring, and a vast underground infrastructure that delivers safe, plentiful water right to your tap.
  • Studies show that bottled water is no purer than tap water, yet bottled water costs about 1,900% more.
  • We perform extensive monitoring for more than 100 contaminants and must meet close to 90 regulations for water safety and quality.

On average, a gallon of tap water in the United States costs a fraction of a penny. You simply can't find a better deal for a commodity that means so much to your daily life. Compare that with the cost of some other liquids you might use on a daily basis (based on 2013 pricing).

  • ONE GALLON of tap water = less than 1/2 of 1 cent
  •  ONE GALLON of bottled water can range from $1.43 to $8.00
  • ONE GALLON of soda is $2.80-$4.60
  • ONE GALLON of milk is $3.79-$4.24
  • ONE GALLON of gasoline is $3.00-$4.00
  • ONE GALLON of table wine is $18.50-$37.95
  • ONE GALLON of cafe-lattes is $35-$52
  • ONE GALLON of imported olive oil is $135-$525
  • ONE GALLON of fine French perfume is $60,160

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