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D.A.R.E./Municipal Alliance

D.A.R.E. Police Officer
Scott Malloy
(201) 391-5400, ext. 5328

D.A.R.E. Committee Members:

  • PO Scott Malloy. DARE Officer
  • Lt. Peter Mauro, DARE Officer
  • PO Dan Hoffman, DARE Officer
  • PO Santangelo, DARE Officer
  • PO Dutcher, DARE Officer
  • Jean Joyce
  • Tammy Levinson
  • Liz Falkenstern
  • Kristen Newton
  • Rosemarie Malloy
  • Frank Izzo
  • Ken Helman
  • Kelly Gaccione
  • Francis Smith
  • Councilman Matt Capilli

D.A.R.E./Municipal Alliance

The Park Ridge Police Department has sponsored a Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) program since 1989.  The purpose of this program is top teach kids about the hazards of alcohol and drug abuse, as well as the dangers of violence.  The core grade level of the program is the fifth grade, where a Police Officer visits each class once a week for ten weeks, and talks about such topics as tobacco, alcohol, drugs, friendships, leadership and personal action.

If you would like to volunteer to serve on the DARE Committee, or become involved in any way, please contact P.O. Scott Malloy at 201-391-5400, ext. 5328 or at

Municipal Alliance Committee Members:

  • Judi Youngman, Chairperson
  • Jorge Becerra
  • Joyce Bruno
  • Troy Lederman, Principal Park Ridge High School
  • Paul Higgins
  • Christine McCaffery, Principal West Ridge Elementary School
  • Laraine Meehan, Principal Our Lady of Mercy Academy
  • Melanie Nagel
  • Kevin Stokes, Principal East Brook Elementary School
  • Andy Yaegar
  • Barbara Dell'Arno 
  • Tammy Levinson
  • Phil Langer, Park Ridge Elks

The Municipal Alliance Program is a nationally recognized grassroots program mobilizing local volunteers to support education efforts and to raise public awareness of alcoholism and drug abuse in our communities.

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