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Roads Department

Roads Department

Contact Information

General Supervisor, Department of Public Works 
Peter Wayne
Phone: (201) 822-3146

Director of Operations
Paul Longo
Phone: (201) 391-2129 

Project Engineer
Angelo Dell'Armo
Phone: (201) 822-3139 

Field Staff

  • John Woods - Road Supervisor
  • Jason Coughenour – Senior Road Repairer
  • Joseph Zuccaro - Road Repairer
  • Everett Sayers - Road Repairer
  • Kevin Reynolds - Road Laborer
  • Steven DeVincent - Road Laborer
  • Sergio Germinario – Road Laborer
  • Sean Mahoney – Road Laborer
  • Tim Van Saders – Road Laborer
  • Christopher Wheeler - Buildings and Grounds
  • Ken Nibbling - Mechanic  

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